Looking for a place to host your next outing?

“The Missoula Chamber has held their Leadership Missoula Retreats (2 per year) at Flathead Lake Lodge for over 26 years. Each and EVERY time they would have received a 5 star rating. It is hands down one of the best venues in the state, region and country. The atmosphere makes any event a success. The ownership, their committed staff (some over 30 years) are like family to all of us who come year after year. This place should be on everyone’s Bucket List.”

-Kim Latrielle
President/CEO Missoula Chamber
Missoula Leadership
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Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to all the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country! veterensday

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Summer Fun at the Ranch!

One of our favorite days of the week at the Lodge is Saturday! After a fun morning filled with rodeo games all the kids load up onto the firetrucks and head to Burger Town where there are ice cream cones waiting! icecreamrunB icecreamrunC icecreamrunD

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