Less than a Month!

Every year it is amazing how quick winter flies by and before we know it, it is time to turn the water and heat back on, unleash the cleaning crew and open the Ranch up for another memorable season. This will be our 66th year, and every spring as the anticipation of the first guests draws closer the excitement always builds.


Mother Nature has been a little rough on us lately [She seemed to forget it was spring and is trying to keep winter going…] but there is still a job to be done. Aside from the usual opening projects, cleanup and preparation there are always a few unique projects waiting to be finished up. This year the barn and arena are getting a few enhancements including a new observation deck, board walk, landscaping and roping chutes! Much of the fencing around the barnyard has also been rebuilt. It was also time to repair a few of the chuck wagons with some new wheels.


We have also built a beautiful new horse trail through a spectacular rocky canyon, that was previously un-ride-able.


Enjoy this little slideshow with a few shots of the projects as well as your favorite FLL characters.


ps. yes that is Ranch owner Doug almost rolling the loader off the road!
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The All American 4th of July

Every year American’s gather to celebrate Independence Day. While it is typically envisioned sitting on a checkered blanket, enjoying a picnic and watching fireworks, celebrating the 4th can take shape in many different ways. Shoot, most kids today are not even allowed to light off fireworks where they live! Have no fear, 4th of July in Bigfork, MT is quickly becoming a regional must see, where there are enough firework stands to have every kid smiling like a sparkler.

Aerial View of the Parade

Each year thousands of people flood the village of Bigfork to take in the annual parade. Last year there was estimated to be over 10,000 onlookers. Pretty amazing considering the population of Bigfork is only 1,500! Bigfork Bay is one of the best places to be on the 4th. Not only can you lounge about the boat, take a swim, but you can also take in the parade as well. During the afternoon and evening Flathead Lake is where the action is as boaters enjoy the typically beautiful summer day.

At the Lodge the week of the 4th is definitely a unique week to visit. On top of all the normal Lodge activities, guests are treated to a true small town All American 4th of July.  On the morning of the 4th we all load up on the Ranch’s antique fire trucks and head for the 4th of July Parade. The Ranch guests ride through town aboard red fire trucks tossing candy to the onlookers while spraying the crowd with water. The hot afternoon is spent in true American fashion back at the Ranch, enjoying time with families by the lake with a traditional BBQ.

The village grows almost 5x in one day!

To set the night off right, guests usually spend the dusk hours lighting off their personal fireworks to every ones enjoyment. As the night gets darker, guests and hundreds of boaters line the lake shore for a spectacular professional firework display! This is definitely a lasting memory as  you lay on your back on the lawn watching the mountains around you light up with each boom.

It is only April 1st, but it is safe to say that we are already dreaming about one of the most fun days of the summer!

Guest on board one of the Lodge's historic Fire Trucks enjoy spraying the crowd!
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