Are you smarter than a wrangler?

Well, we thought it was spring here in the Flathead Valley…but then we remembered we are in Montana and it snowed 4 inches out of nowhere. So, with our snow boots put away for the season, we figured what better way to stay warm than a little Flathead Lake Lodge Trivia. Hopefully you all have been studying up before another great summer on Flathead Lake is here.

Good Luck!

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'Who's that lady, beautiful lady?'

Some of the new Elk Cows
Some of the new Cow Elk at the Elk Preserve

Well, after going almost 15 years without any females, 2010 is the lucky year for the old bulls in the Ranch’s Elk Preserve (we might re-name it ‘Trump Elk Preserve). We have introduced five bred and six un-bred females into the herd. Most of the old elk are between 15 and 18 years old (that’s pretty darn old for an elk) and it will be exciting  to see the new generation of the herd be introduced this spring.

We’ll keep you posted when the first mother calves!

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Glacier National Park Centenial

Happy 100th Birthday Glacier National Park!

This summer marks the 100th birthday of the Crown Jewel of the Continent, Glacier National Park. ‘The Park’ as it is known around here is just a short 40 min. drive away, and we encourage all our guests to either visit the park before or after their week at the Lodge, or definitely for a day during their week at the Lodge.

This year will truly be a unique year to visit as The Park is planning numerous events, celebrations and exhibits making the trip even more worth the 100 year wait. Visit the parks official Centenial website for more information.

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