Winter Elk Management

Guests that have visited Flathead Lake Lodge over the last 10 years have enjoyed riding through our 500 acre Elk Preserve. These magnificent animals are now 12 – 16 years old which is full maturity. Very rarely are you able to see such mature animals in the Wild. The herd is managed by Scott Plum, an employee at the Lodge for over 20 years. Scott is seen feeding in January since browse is very scarce this time of year. We will move the herd into a 20 acre pen in March when they start loosing their antlers.

Elk Sparing

Elk Feed

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New Additions

The newest additions to the Flathead Lake Lodge family are Dally and Daisy, 9 week old St. Bernard puppies. They seem to be very mellow and love all the new attention from the winter staff. Flip, our lovable St. Bernard, was diagnosed with bone cancer late last year and passed away in December, she will be sorely missed. We will post periodic pictures as the puppies grow and eat us out of house and home.


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Mustang Renovations

Currently we are working on our 1961 Chriscraft, Mustang. The work entails painting the entire hull, all brightwork, decks and topside. The entire boat was completely renovated less then 10 years ago and has been a nice addition to the Ranch fleet. The Mustang can accommodate up to 35 people for our evening boat cruises or special events. This is a great way to experience the expanse of Flathead Lake and the surrounding mountains.

961 Chriscraft Mustang

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