Weather and Climate at Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge

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Here in the Flathead Valley, we experience a wide range of weather conditions. Our summers are typically sunny, hot and dry, with frequent chances to see a spectacular rainbow form over the lake as an afternoon thunderstorm passes by. Summer nights are often cool and clear, perfect for an evening around the campfire. Winters can be cold and harsh, but we are blessed with a short and sweet summer that makes it all worth while. Check the weather forecast below to see what to expect for the coming week.

Current Weather Conditions

What To Bring

The weather can be quite variable so we suggest a few items to pack: blue jeans or comfortable pants, sweatshirts, light jacket, short sleeve shirts, shorts, a bathing suit, sunscreen, sunglasses, shoes with a heel like cowboy boots, hiking shoes, sandals, athletic shoes, rain gear, and whatever else you may need. LAUNDRY FACILITIES AVAILABLE ON SITE.